More Florida!


While we were in Florida, the RK decided to check out the cocktail hour menu. No worries, her custom cocktail of cranberry, apple and pineapple juices didn’t result in any dancing on the tables.


Later that night, we had Jack’s retirement party!  Being the only kid there, the restaurant fell all over themselves promising her she could order whatever she wanted.  Chicken fingers, pizza, mac n cheese, whatever her heart desired. Well, earlier that week, she had been introduced to scallops (my favorite, but I was still in the throes of morning sickness a bit at that time, so it was Papa Jack who shared some with her).  So my girl ordered scallops, mashed potatoes and broccoli.  A refined palate she has (and yes, Jeff and I brag about this. We’ve worked hard to ensure she likes a wide array of food!).




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