We’re back! AGAIN.


I’m feeling that life is moving so quickly and I want to make sure we keep notes of it so we can remember the fun!

We had a busy weekend this weekend. Gymnastics class, two birthday parties, Skype, the zoo and a bike ride! Lots of fun but we’re all pooped.

At one of the birthday parties, the RK got to build a rocket ship and they actually launched them. I didn’t get a pic of the launch but here she is with her rocket partner.


Jeff took her to the second party which was a movie under the stars in her friend’s backyard. She had a blast.

Today we decided to take advantage of the cooler weather and went to the zoo. We have a membership and use it mostly in the winter to avoid the heat.

Teagan just napped in her Ergo carrier.


While Riley fed this guy at the petting zoo portion.


Took a bike ride and walked Oscar up our street, then came back and Skyped with Papa John while RK did her reading homework, something that was a repeat from reading with Papa and Yaya the night before. I think we’ll be doing more of that!



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