I’m Katie, and I’m from the Great White North (ok, ok, Ohio, not the tundra). I live in Austin, TX now with my husband, my daughter and a horse, er, giant dog, and two cats. It’s a great town, but since we’re so far from home, I like to document what goes on in the ATX for our friends and family!


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  1. Katie,

    Enjoyed reading about you and your family on the blog. Jane and I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of you and your family, your Dad (John), your cousin (Charley), etc.. When you see or talk to your Dad tell him that Cousin Stan says he “never changes.” I have not seen Cousin John for a number of years BUT I can definitely attest to the fact that he is “forever young.” I think the last time we actually saw each other face-to-face was at Charley and Kim’s wedding.

    It sounds like you are enjoying the Texas life but, at the same time, have some longing for the Ohio environment. Maybe that midwest life style sticks with us all. Jane and I have lived in Missouri and/or North Carolina since 1987 but we still sort of remain ‘buckeyes” at heart. I will admit, however, that we no longer really desire to experience the snowy winters.

    We were in Ohio in early January of 2012 (6th – 9th) visiting family and friends. It was the first time we had been back since last Christmas (2010). We always try to visit Jane’s Brother & Sister (and their respective families) at least once per year. We had a FUN time and certainly enjoyed the activities. We called Jim & Diane and attempted to arrange our usual lunch meeting and conversation session BUT they were out-of-town that weekend. We always visit with them when in Ohio and, of course, they have visited us in Missouri and/or North Carolina several times.

    Keep in Touch! If you and your family ever desire to visit us in the great state of Missouri you are certainly welcome. We have a large home so you can certainly stay at our place.

    The Best,

    Stan & Jane Stough

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